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We Will Code Your Customised Schema Markup For Your Website

HoruswebX Prepares Customised Schema Markups For your Business in both JSON and MICRODATA Format, the latest and most accurate way to inform and give Valuable Information to Search Engines Like Google.

If you don’t know what a schema is, It’s simply, extra information that we provide to search engines like Google, where they can get more information for your website and your business, and it’s not just information for them to know more about your website — schema markups is then used to rank you more easily, as well as provide you with more space and ratings (if any) on the front page of Google for instance.

We Create Schema Markups For:
  • Local Business
  • Organization
  • Stores
  • Products/Services
  • Persons
  • Catalogs
  • Discounts
  • Events
  • Courses
  • and more…

We will also provide SEO tips in general included with the schema markup service because it’s a non-sense adding schema markup to your website without having good overall SEO Structure. The Goal is to rank in search engines so people can find your products and services.

There are certain “terms & conditions” search engines like Google and Bing want you to have, we will analyze your entire website to check for any errors that need to be fixed without any extra fees!
We were wondering if that would ever be of any interest to you? If so, we can get all that done in a matter of days at a very inexpensive price where the value of what you get out of it in terms of extra business and ranking would be huge

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