Facebook Pixel

facebook pixel

With The Right Use Of The Facebook Pixel We Have The Ability To Double or even Triple your ROI.

We Can Track Events
Events are actions that happen on your website (like when someone makes a purchase). To track an event, we will place a piece of code on your website to help Facebook understand that someone has taken an action.

We Can Track Conversions
Conversion tracking can show you how successful your ad is by measuring actions you care about on your website, like when someone makes a purchase, as a direct result of your ad. In this article, you’ll learn how to Facebook pixel to track conversions for these three objectives:

  1. Boost your posts,
  2. Send people to your website
  3. Increase conversions on your website.

We Use Facebook pixel to perform:

  • Conversion optimization: It can be used to optimize your ad for conversions (ex: It’ll tell Facebook to deliver your ad to people who are most likely to reach the checkout page of your website).
  • Conversion tracking: It can show you how successful your ad is by reporting on conversion events (ex: registrations, checkouts) on your website which happened as a direct result of your ad. You can see this info in your reports.
  • Retargeting: We can retarget the visitors of your website and follow them up with retargeting ads that most of the times outperform all the other ads.
  • Create a Custom Audience: We can create a custom audience based on multiple attributes, Website visitors, People who interacted with your posts, and many more…
  • Create a Lookalike Audience: We can create a lookalike audience based on variants like people who visited your site, people who bought from your site, people who visited a specific webpage and many more…

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